Premium Business Package

Assessed, Bespoke and, most of all, Monitored

We don’t offer a standard package. Your business is too valuable to put it at risk by using unreliable suppliers.
You need your computers up and running all of the time.
You need heating on so that staff are most productive.
And you need phones ringing with new orders.
That’s why we never take a chance with the quality of the people we recommend.
You should still make big savings – but not at any price.

What our Premium Business Package Offers

  • No obligation, accurate business advice upfront – advice you can rely upon to maximise your savings
  • Form completion service – if requested
  • Your own individual account managed on a regular basis
  • The very lowest price available that still provides a service you can rely upon
  • A continuous monitoring service to ensure constant cost control
  • A meter reading service – which the utility companies themselves should provide, but often don’t.
  • Contract consolidation service to maximise savings even further
  • Credit report advice to help you achieve the best rates
  • Diary noting service for your End of Contract dates. Our free report explains why this is so important
  • Detailed assessment of the data conveyed by your current utility bills. Again, read our free report to discover why this must be done.
  • Free document service. We provide the letters and forms you need – written in a way that protects your interests
  • Electricity Meter Profile Assessment. We ensure you have the right meter for your premises – major saver by itself
  • Telephone service contracts that reflect the way your business operates

“The Smart Move for Business talk my language – clear, concise instructions, impeccable advice – and, boy, do they deliver!”

Yuly Massoni – Hair Salon Owner