A Step-by- Step Action Plan

The Sooner You Act, the More You Save

If you prefer, you can ask us to fill in the items below, or you can do it yourself.

If you complete them, things get moving faster and your bills come down sooner. If you wish us to complete the documents, we will explain what we need over the phone.

The forms and letters can either be downloaded by clicking on the Savings Starter Pack icon alongside, or from the last section of the free report.

So what are they – and why are they necessary?

Letter of Authority

This is pretty straightforward. We cannot represent your company without your permission.

Do note, though, that signing this Letter of Authority puts you under no obligation whatsoever.

Experian Credit Report

This decides whether you are eligible for the best rates. We can still arrange great rates even if it’s not perfect.

Copy of Current Invoices

Obviously you cannot download these. You need to scan or copy them and send them to us. We need one each for gas and electricity (unless they are combined) and one for your phone bills.

Change of Tenancy Form

This is only applicable if you have just taken on new premises.

Letter of Termination

We don’t need this now. But, if you want to complete it and let us have it,  it will save time later.

“I would advise anyone to complete the forms The Smart Move for Business provide. It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes – and you could be as delighted as I was with the results.”

The first three steps need to be completed immediately. The other two can follow on – if or when they are required. Not completing the additional two steps now will not affect the savings you make.