Report contents

Everything you need to know about how you get overcharged and what to do about it

This report is only 16 pages long, with the few forms you need adding a few extra pages. That’s good. You’re probably too busy to spend all day reading.

Nevertheless, it is absolutely packed with fact after fact, highlighting the pitfalls of giving the utility companies a free rein with your bank account.

Because, make no mistake, that is what you are doing if you don’t act quickly.

Just look at the 25 sections covered in this report. It can be yours within minutes, just by clicking the special report icon in the next column.

  1. The problem is you’re busy. Why diligently looking after your core business can cost you money.
  2. You could fix it right now. So why don’t you? Because you need to know what to do and where to go to get the best rates.
  3. Business people helping business people. This is the key advantage of working with us. We specialise in saving money for businesses.
  4. A growing problem for business. The problem affects everyone. Have you received a massive bill?
  5. Are you in a contract? If not, why not? Being out of contract could prove very expensive.
  6. Are you in a contract, but don’t know when your contract ends? Then beware. This could be almost as bad.
  7. Do you have several sites? If so, are you taking full advantage of the fact? We hope so. Big savings can be made here.
  8. Now we come to the thorny question of your Experian credit report. Read this section carefully.
  9. Change of Tenancy is another area to watch. This short section explains why – and what we are prepared to do.
  10. Do you realise just how important meter readings are? You should find out – and learn about the importance of serial numbers.
  11. The End of Contract Termination minefield. Find out why this is the single, biggest area of misunderstanding.
  12. What your current utility invoices tell us. Quite a lot, in fact – not only what you pay, but why you pay it.
  13. Why you should use our termination letter. It’ll save both money and aggravation.
  14. Remember, though, the first thing is to stop your contract being rolled over. Even with the new rules, it can still be a problem.
  15. A couple of points about electricity bills. A bit of background that explains why we always read your meters.
  16. Why having the right electricity meter profile is so important. The standard meter may not be what you need.
  17. Other meters can lower bills by 40%. You really need to find out what they are. Even better, ask us to explain everything.
  18. But it gets even more complicated. Isn’t it always the way. It’s nothing that can’t be solved, though.
  19. Now let’s take a look at your phone bills. These savings will amaze you.
  20. Great extra services, but beware. Are 0800 and premium rate numbers right for your organisation?
  21. Disregard the myths about changing supplier. Some people make it sound complicated. It’s far easier than you think.
  22. Why we won’t offer you the very lowest prices around. There’s one type of cut-price phone service we definitely do not offer. Find out what it is.
  23. You could include your home number in your contract. This could save you a bit more money. These are the rules.
  24. Your new contract will be pretty straightforward. Our contracts are very straightforward, in fact.
  25. We save you money. But we also save you time. And, remember, our service doesn’t cost you a penny.