“Reducing utility bills by up to 50% is a smart move for any business”

Increasing profitability can often be hard. But it’s a lot easier if you can cut overheads dramatically.

In one area, we can help.

When the three main utilities were deregulated, it should have resulted in a big drop in prices.

What actually happened was a raft of different tariffs that left everyone confused – and all too often paying more than they need.

Is this you?

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No, we don’t run a charity. We get paid by the people we recommend. However, you always get a choice of three alternative potential suppliers.

That means we can help you cut your utility bills – and take the time to explain in detail what we are doing on your behalf and why.

Reducing our bills by so much noticeably improved the profitability of the whole company.

James Dunne – Publican.


Business people helping business people
We are the business specialists. It’s what makes The Smart Move for Business different from other utility advisors. We specialise in cutting costs for companies, partnerships, retailers, charities and other organisations – regardless of how large and small you are.Why? Because that’s our background.

Founder and CEO Anthony Marangos is himself is an MBA and has worked at senior or board level in in all sorts of industries.

So we understand your problems.